Spore Android Client

This guide will help you get your Android-enabled device on Mycelial’s free OSTN switch. Mycelial’s infrastructure enables free encrypted voice communication (fun for the whole family)! How does this work? Zimmerman Realtime Transport Protocol (ZRTP) uses a specific method of exchanging cryptographic keys called the Diffie-Hellman key exchange to encrypt your voice data. The keys are exchanged between the phones(p2p) and NOT the server–so if the key exchange is successful, the host server (Mycelial, in this case) couldn’t even listen in on your calls.

Caveat Emptor? All of this is open source–your security is your responsibility and it is important that you read the code to understand the functionality.

Getting Spore

Spore is accessible and we’re all exploring new avenues for distribution.  You can retrieve stable binaries directly from our server for free–as well as from the google play store (for a $2 charge). We consider your use of google play as intentional and appreciate the donation as it helps keep the software going.  And of course,  the source, for your health.

Download Spore beta for free



The Installation

Installing spore is easy-peasy.  Nevertheless, we have provided a visual guide to help you navigate the different screens to get online.

After the download is complete:


  • Click Install.


  • Wait a moment…


  • Hooray!  Click Open.


  • This screen configures Spore’s network availability (if you have high speed data, click ‘I’m allowed to use mobile’).  Once configured, click save.


  • First time users of Spore, click ‘Create account’.


  • Choose a Caller Display Name, and enter the captcha.  Click ‘Create account’


  • Your new account registration is automatically populated.  The username is the number other users can reach you at (in this case: 41328).    Click Save.


  • It may show as inactive for a moment…


  • If you have a properly configured network, Spore will connect and is ready to place and receive calls!
  • NB: Your telephone is the same as your username!

Placing a Call

Using spore is quite a bit like using a regular telephone network except we use 5 digit numbers,

  • to place a call load up the dialer and punch in your favourite digits.


  • when your ready to dial hit the telephone icon


  • wait a moment… while we connect your call..


  • when connected you will be prompted with a key exchange
  • your call is now live!
  • to confirm your key exchange read the 4 character SAS to the other caller
  • if your keys match, private phone to phone encryption was successful!
  • click ‘OK’ to confirm the key exchange


  • Now your calls with this user will always show as verified
  • If you place a call to this user and you DO NOT see a yellow bar encryption is not live!
  • If you are re prompted with a key exchange it is possible that you or the other user has lost their original keys, or you are subject to a man in the middle attack